I have included the lyrics to this song (the only non Moccasoul lyric on the site) because every version online is unrecognisably wrong and its been driving me mad. So here it is:

Mis-teeq - Better Better

Don't you ever get restless
Don't you ever wanna chase a thrill?
'Cos you'll find in the spring it's a natural thing
And very understandable

Your eyes will stray
And in an innocent way
You'll smile has he goes by
Well, the juice running loose
From a forbidden fruit is somehow
Always gonna taste much
Better Better

Gonna make you feel better baby
I can make you feel good
Doesn't matter, whatever
As long as I'm making you feel
Better Better
I can make you feel so good (I can make you feel good)
Doesn't matter whatever
As long as I'm making you feel
Better Better

Move a little bit closer
There ain't nothing that I got to hide
And as time will pass
You'll only see the grass
Is greener on over on my side

If you wanna go for it
Don't stop and think about it
Cos time will only pass you by
So take a tip
Get in the thick of it
Are you down with making it feel
Better Better

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